Individual Therapy


I provide individual therapy to teens, college students, and adults either in my office or via HIPAA compliant telehealth services

For the clients I see, their insecurities, self-criticisms, and people-pleasing get in the way of the life they want to live in so many ways. They aren’t the kind of person they want to be and they feel like they suck at life (even though they really don’t). Their confidence in being able to live as their most authentic, badass self is literally taking a nose-dive. They often feel like they're stuck apologizing for something, or worried that they’ve disappointed someone - they don’t have enough fuel in their tank to stand up to people and speak up for themselves. They feel like they’re working towards what’s expected of them, not what they truly want. They feel unheard, like their boundaries aren’t respected and if their boundaries aren’t respected, then obviously they must be asking for too much. 
Before they came to see me, my clients felt not good enough. They didn't see themselves as someone who could readily assert themselves and wondered if they'd ever really get there. They worried they would never measure up to what everybody else was doing or what others expected of them. And they were pretty certain they would never be genuinely happy if they kept going through the motions in a life that wasn't true to them. Their fears were paralyzing them and they would lay in bed at night wishing they could find the courage to say, "F*** it" and just do the damn thing already.

In therapy we’ll work past your deafening inner critic and your tendencies towards people-pleasing and apologizing to get to the core of what you need - a self-identity that you get to define, confidence to take more chances, enough self-compassion to take care of yourself and the moxie to explore the space you have leftover in your day, when you’re not afraid.



EMDR Info Coming Soon

Clinical Supervision

For therapists in training, I am available to provide either one-on-one or group clinical supervision and consultation.

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