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About Vanessa Swier, LCSW

Early in my career I practiced two party mediation. It was my role to facilitate conversation in order to resolve disputes and help people find common ground. Later, I provided support to students as well as faculty and staff at UC Davis. There, I assisted these individuals in learning and practicing coping skills to manage the demands of the academic community along with their personal lives. I then went on to serve at-risk youth and their families in the foster care, mental health, juvenile justice and K-12th school settings. Through those experiences, I had an opportunity to gain a greater appreciation for the challenges that young people and their families face in their everyday lives and how this can impact their overall functioning. As a former hospice social worker, bereavement program coordinator and grief counselor, I'm very familiar with people's experiences of grief and loss; not only the loss of a loved one but the loss of a dream. Whether it be that dream job, that dream family, that dream partner, or that dream life; feeling grief over lost dreams is an inevitable and often uncomfortable part of the human experience.

Life and loss go hand in hand and can be very painful to navigate. Because of this, many of us mask this pain, avoiding it at all costs or coping in negative or perhaps destructive ways. Together, we can explore those painful feelings and identify positive ways to help you cope with them. If you are ready to take that first step towards hope, harmony and healing, please contact me for a free 20 minute phone consultation. I look forward to hearing from you!